Each gem contains an original brilliance with captivating charm, showing off different hues and textures. Withstand grinding and cuts, brilliance to be captivated by many.

The GalaMuse is like a treasure chest, gathering all kinds of valuable talents, opportunities for you to shine, bringing together unexpected multi-functional packages, letting you explore boldly in this dreamland.

Every corner shines with inspiration, surprises, and opportunities. Start the journey of exploration for your muse exploration at any time. Show the world your limitless possibilities.

Find your own muse of life

Location highlights

Live Broadcasting Station
Have something to say but don't have the means to do it? Come to the live broadcasting station and make your voice heard!
The Jade Lounge
Relax and wind down after a long day's work at the Jade Lounge while reveling in the masterpiece of your own grand design.
VR Cave
Journey into the digital world and emerse yourself completely at our very own VR Cave. Infinite possibilities await you.

Places of

Places of


The life journey begins with the hunt for treasure. A robust ground of infinite possibilities within The GalaMuse.

Showcase your treasure finds to other seekers and shine brightly for others to see.

Digital Frontier

Reach out to the world and develop interest and abilities in this zone!

Make use of the broadcasting and live streaming station for you to amplify your voice and reach. Or join us for workshops to develop your craftsmaship abilities.

Go beyond and experience the digital frontier by stepping into the VR cave. Where infinite possibilities await you.

Reality Hall

A multi-functional working lounge for you to advance and polish your skill and abilities. A hotbed area for like minded individuals looking for partners to co-create and make their ideas into reality.

Life Stage

Shine brightly as you take the stage. At the Life Stage, transform the area for a mini concert, present your freshest ideas or conduct seminars.

Seek out new knowledge and be a Life Artisan!

Jade Lounge

Wind down with a slow drink at the Jade Lounge while taking in the iconic Hong Kong skyline and the azure waters of the Victoria Habour.

If the bar is not your scene, relax and enjoy the experience in privacy in the private Jade rooms located near the lounge.

Direction to
The GalaMuse

At Tsim Sha Tsui, arts, culture and inspiration glisten above the waterfront.

Come to The GalaMuse, find your own muse.

11 minutes walk from
Tsim Sha Tsui MTR
6 minutes train from
Central MTR
8 minutes drive from
Cross Habour Tunnel