We believe that everyone has a unique hidden temperament.
It can be gold or become crystal treasures after casting and carving.

The GalaMuse symbolises the spirit of inexorable exploration & innovation.
Through core elements of art, culture and creativity, the hunt for endless treasure for humanity;
allows you to find your instantaneous shine.

Find your own muse of life

Co create community

Create a community

A social platform that encourages creating, sharing and exciting experiences for everyone. Together, we create a diverse community of B2B and B2C.

Special privileges

Enjoy special privileges

With the support of the Group ecosystem, members can enjoy special privileges, including premium services & offers across shopping, dining, properties, lifestyle and wellness.

Beyond just experience

Extraordinary Experiences

Here at The GalaMuse, connect with like-minded members and experience different activities. Together, we create a world with diverse cultures and develop infinite possibilities.

Empowering infinite possibilities

A Connectivity Platform

Everyone can eventually become a digital innovator at The GalaMuse with exclusive access to our built-in digital journey ranging from NFT exhibition, VR Gamification and connection to the Metaverse Community. We welcome different partners and collaborators to create synergy and creates shared values for an exciting future and better society.

A new journey
awaits you

Come and join us at The GalaMuse, located within K11 ATELIER, Victoria Dockside, where new activities, inspirations and muses await you.

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